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Why We Train: Situations Can Deteriorate Rapidly

I recently came across an article written by a deputy sheriff in Louisiana who posted on Jim Rawles’ excellent site, If you have never checked out his site, I highly recommend poking around over there as he’s compiled a lot of excellent information and updates daily. Your first reaction to the story maybe something like, “Well, how come I didn’t hear about that on the news?!” I never realized how selective news reporting was in terms of crime until I became a police officer and had the opportunity to be on many scenes that received, or should have received, news coverage.

Today more than ever everything is politics. Local politicians are under increasing scrutiny to “do something” about terribly high crime levels in many urban areas. Often, part of that “doing something” means downplaying crime issues and working hard to re-classify crimes so that fewer incidents make it into the hard stats that get turned into the FBI annually. Big sports towns are especially susceptible as local politicians court teams and work hand in hand with local media to cultivate a positive image of a particular city.

I’m not crying conspiracy here, but as is often the case real truth must be searched for and you can’t depend on anybody to spoon feed it to you. Want to really know what goes on in your area? Befriend a local cop and you might get the straight scoop even though sometimes cops are punished for telling people the truth about their neighborhoods.

Anyway, I digress back to the point.  Read the following description of how fast near anarchy broke out almost immediately after a local power outage. Are you ready to deal with a protracted situation like this? Is it time to start heeding the warning signs and make that move to another location that you’ve been delaying? There are also some good preparedness suggestions at the end of the article.

Check out the full article

Jon Responds

Thanks, Matt, for the generous introduction and the opportunity to contribute to the blog. Matt is a pretty impressive, knowledgeable gear guy with a good sense of what works and what doesn’t. I too am very interested in guns and gear but focus will be different.

My contributions will include posts about maximizing fitness, providing motivation to train, and some LE perspective on current events and news stories that I think might interest you as readers. I’m also excited to try my hand at a few firearms reviews and share what I have found that works well in its prescribed role. You won’t want to miss a day here at the blog!

Big Announcement: New Trigger Jerk On Board

I am thrilled to announce that JTT has a new contributing partner on board. The blog is continuing to grow at a rate that it makes sense to have some help and Jon is just the guy for the job. Trigger Jerks, please join me in welcoming my friend, Jon L.

Jon is going to be a great contributor to Jerking the Trigger. His background and real life experiences will help provide valuable insight. Jon joined the USMC reserve in 1999 and was trained as an 0331 machine gunner. Shortly after finishing college his unit was activated, and he served one tour of duty in the Al Anbar province of Iraq in support of OIF II during 2004. After returning home, he was hired by a large metropolitan police department in the midwest where he currently continues to work full time as a patrol officer.

In addition to police and military training, Jon has attended several firearms courses taught by professional instructors. He recognizes the value in staying current in the rapidly evolving world of tactical gear and firearms and looks forward to sharing his perspectives.

Jon is a no BS kind of guy and I am thrilled to have him on board. He is a heck of friend, a heck of a cop, and a heck of a shooter. Over the next several weeks he will start to become more noticeable as he ramps up. This is the first of several big changes that you will see in the coming months at JTT so stay tuned!

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