Vulpes Training – Handmade Training Tools and More…

I received a Vulpes Training Mini Native Trainer for Christmas and I love it. It really captures my imagination and it is, frankly, just cool. Chances are, they make something that will capture your imagination as well or maybe something that you need to add to your training rotation.

Mini Native “Trainer”

Vulpes Training handmakes a variety of trainers for edged weapon training. These trainers have more realistic handling and weight than many other lighter trainers. They also make several items like their Native line (Micro, Mini, and Large) which are actually impact weapons. These items are hand cut and ground from 3/4″ thick polymer making them nearly indestructible.

If they don’t have what you are looking for, they may be able to work with you on a custom project. I find that they are actually surprisingly reasonably priced given the quality and handmade mature of these items.

Check out Vulpes Training on Etsy:

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