TangoDown® – Color Expansion of the TD® AK BATTLEGRIP®

TangoDown® Inc. is excited to announce the color expansion for the TD® AK BATTLEGRIP®. The new colors are available for the BG-AK (with storage plug) and BG-AKOE (without storage). We’re pleased to offer the grips in the following colors: Bakelite Orange; Dark Red; and Dark Plum. To learn even more about the AK BATTLEGRIP® options, see the links below.

To learn more about the BG-AK (grip with storage) visit: BG-AK BATTLEGRIP – TangoDown

To learn more about the BG-AKOE (grip without storage) visit: BG-AKOE BATTLEGRIP™ – TangoDown

Updated Color Availability: Black, Bakelite Orange, Dark Red, Dark Plum

MSRP: $21.00 – $27.00

To view the 2018 media release regarding the BG-AK, please visit: ​TangoDown® AK BATTLEGRIP® – TangoDown

Customer Questions: sales@tangodown.com

Join us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tangodowninc/

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