Parashooter Gear X39 Shingle

Parashooter Gear’s new X39 Shingle is something of a rarity… and AK shooters will find it very useful. It’s a loop-mounted AK magazine shingle made specifically for AK magazines!

The X39 was designed from the ground up with AK mags in mind. It isn’t just a universal shingle that happens to fit AK magazines. They state:

What seperates the X39 shingle is it is spacifically designed to accommodate AK magazines. Each cell is appropriately sized for the added width of the mags locking lugs. We also chose to use elastic that is taller than most standard AR sized shingles to help stabilize a greater portion of the long magazines. Lastly, we built in a larger than normal loop face to get a more solid connection when you attach your cumberbund. All of these small features come together to make for a very smooth draw with zero snag and a easy re-index.

Parashooter Gear also states that the X39 works with any 7.62×39, 5.45×39 or 5.56×45 AK magazine. It is available for preorder now.

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