Industry’s first OFFSET EXTENDED MAG RELEASE enhances use of Sig P320 – M17/M18 Army Pistols

AUSTIN, Texas [Feb 9, 2021] – Align Tactical, LLC introduced today the first aftermarket “OFFSET” EXTENDED MAGAZINE RELEASE compatible with Sig Sauer® P320/P250® standard and X-Series® grip frames, that offers:

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Higher grip for flatter shooting
  • Reduced reach to help maintain firing grip during reloads

The Align Tactical™ OFFSET EXTENDED MAGAZINE RELEASE allows the operator to rest their distal middle finger flush across the lower half of where the factory magazine release’s triangular bottom edge would be, eliminating side-finger chafing when choking up high on the pistol grip for increased recoil control. Ergonomically designed with an enhanced and extended engagement surface closer to the thumb, for minimizing/eliminating pistol shifting in-hand when reaching to eject magazines.

“This patent-pending product relocates or “offsets” the magazine release’s button pad higher up the grip module frame for an unimpeded undercut gripping area, offering the highest possible grip for a competitive edge in controllability, reach, and comfort.”

– Joel Alson, President of Align Tactical, LLC.

Align Tactical, LLC is a Texas-based company that develops innovative performance enhancing products in the firearm industry. Learn more and order online at

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