Forward Controls Design CSR (Compact Sectional Rods)

USGI cleaning rods are great for dislodging stuck cases in AR-15s but they can be a little bit of a pain to carry on your gear. Sure, you can usually find a place to stash them but the length of the standard rods prevents them from being carried in common pouches that would typically be found on, for instance, a belt.

The new Compact Sectional Rods (CSR) from Forward Controls Design fixes that. Each section of the CSR is 4.8″ long which allows them to be stored in something as short as a pistol pouch or even the battery storage of some buttstocks.

The machined 17-4 PH steel sections are available in kits with varying numbers of sections based on barrel length. All kits include a brass jag for use with cleaning patches and a soft case is available as an option.

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