ATF Issues Cease & Desist for Honey Badger Pistol by Q

The ATF is at it again. Once again, they have inserted themselves between citizens and their rights. With a few keystrokes, they have hung the threat of legal action over the heads of good people who bought an item that was perfectly legal before the ATF changed their minds.

The ATF issued a formal cease & desist letter to Q stating that, in their opinion, the Honey Badger pistol is now a short-barreled rifle. There was no additional guidance or reason given which is absolutely absurd and leaves everyone wondering about the future of pistol braces. Q is working with SB Tactical (the manufacturing partner for the Honey Badger’s brace) and the NRA to rectify the matter.

You can learn more at and read Q’s direct statement on the matter HERE. The document linked has suggestions for how to contact various lawmakers in order to let your voice be heard on this matter and I strongly encourage you to do so.

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