Swampfox Optics to Add new Circle-Dot Reticles and Green Illumination to Dot Sight Line

I just received some information from Swampfox Optics regarding some new circle dot reticles and green reticle illumination to be offered in their Kingslayer and Liberator dot sights. The green illumination, in particular, is something for which shooters have asked. As someone who sees green far better than red due to color blindness, I am glad to see options like this coming to market.

Here is some information direct from Swampfox Optics’ Product Marketing Director, Mike Branson:

We’ve added green and red circle dot options to Kingslayer and Liberator. Kingslayer features a 3 MOA center dot surrounded by a 65 MOA ring, and Liberator features a 2 MOA center dot surrounded by a 65 MOA ring, only the center dot is different between the two.  

These are fun as hell on shotguns and ARs, but for me the best advantage is the speed of acquisition in the circle dot Kingslayer. One of the biggest problems for guys who are getting used to shooting dot sights is acquiring the dot from a pistol presentation. If your presentation isn’t really consistent you find yourself swirling around the muzzle of the pistol in a little cone until the dot finally pops into view. That’s why so many guys want co-witnessed iron sights as “training wheels” to help with initial alignment. Surrounding the dot with the ring really helps newbies because if you spot even the corner of the ring somewhere, anywhere in the window, you can use that to adjust yourself and find the center dot really fast compared to seeing nothing in the window at all. You can find your point of aim in a hurry! The guys who already have ten thousand rounds through a dot sight won’t need this advantage as much, but guys who are just starting to climb Pistol Dot Mountain are going to love it. 

Price is the same as the 3 MOA red dot versions of the same optics. Same 50,000 round guarantee, same battery life, no BS. One odd difference is that the lens coating up front on the green ones looks silver or chrome instead of red. Has to be that way to reflect a green emitter properly, I think it looks cool. No real disadvantages, it’s just new reticle options that I heard people asking for and I wanted to respond to it. 

These options are expected to be available within just a few days.


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