New from Swampfox Optics: Spear Duplex

Swampfox Optics has rolled out a brand new reticle option in their Tomahawk LPVO line and it is one that really bucks the trends of heavy, floating, horseshoe reticles.

The new Spear Duplex features a floating central dot aiming point and cross hairs with heavy outer edges for the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock crosshairs (similar to a German #4). The central dot size varies across the Tomahawk line (2 MOA in the 1-4X, 1.5 MOA in the 1-6X, and 1.3 MOA in the 1-8X). The crosshairs are offset from the central aiming point by 2MOA (4MOA from crosshair to crosshair) which makes for a useful bullet drop and ranging reference.

This reticle could be a good option for a number of users who require a simple sight picture and a zero for maximum point-blank range. With SBRs and AR pistols at an all-time high in popularity, this reticle could be a great choice for someone wants to add an LPVO to their shorter barreled firearm that won’t match with many of the BDC style reticles on the market. It could also be a great option for hunting and field rifles that will rarely be shot at more than 300 yards.

The Spear Duplex is available now across the entire Tomahawk LPVO line.

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