Enoch Industries 10/22 Odin Chassis

Is there a more versatile firearm than the Ruger 10/22? It runs the gamut from cheap plinker to precision rig and it has a fully developed aftermarket that makes it easy to move between the two ends of the spectrum.

One of the newest additions to the aftermarket is the 10/22 Odin Chassis from Enoch Industries. They state:

Machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, the ODIN Chassis System gives you a rigid, no compromise cornerstone for your next precision build. This lightweight, versatile design features a rear Picatinny rail interface that gives you the flexibility to properly stabilize a pistol or rifle build without the bulk of a receiver extension. Weighing in at only 12oz, the ODIN has MLok slots at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, which allows you to add whatever your heart desires or nothing at all – your call. At the rear of the chassis, the ODIN offers up two steel, 360-degree quick disconnects on both sides of the chassis, ideal for running your favorite sling when you are on the go. The grip adapter closes the gap from the grip to trigger housing keeping the transition to a minimum, making the shooting experience more enjoyable, giving you the ability to add any non-beavertail AR-15 grip available on the market.

Whether you are using a factory receiver and barrel set or a tricked out competition plinker, the Odin Chassis System has you covered.

The chassis appears to be light and sleek enough to maintain a basic 10/22’s woods-walking companion status but technical enough to be the foundation for a full precision build.


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