CIV Alpha Tarac

What if you could add a second zero distance to your optic and accessing that second zero was as easy as flipping a switch? That is what the CIV Alpha Tarac claims it can do. One specific use that is stated for such an ability is to give the shooter the ability to move between super and sub-sonic loads with a cartridge like 300BLK.

The Alpha Tarac is an optical glass lens that is housed in a flip up housing machined from 6061 aluminum. It is available in two sizes (1.25″ and 2.25″). The prism doesn’t add a new reticle or aiming point. It actually shifts the image that the shooter sees through their optic by a predetermined MOA setting resulting a change to the point of impact. The buyer can designate the MOA shift that they require at the time of purchase.

You can read more about the CIV Alpha Tarac at TacomHQ.

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