Will Larson Memorial

We received word that Will Larson passed away and that is a loss for our entire community. You may not know his name but there is a good chance that Will Larson has touched your life.

Did you ever receive sage, no-nonsense advice regarding AR-15s from “Iraqgunz” on an internet forum like Usual Suspects Network or M4Carbine.net? That was him. Have you ever owned a BCM or Sionics rifle? He worked with both companies (and many others). Did you ever attend an armorer’s course conducted by Semper Paratus Arms or learn from someone who did? That was Will’s company.

I never met Will personally but I and many others have benefited from his extensive knowledge of the AR-15 and his willingness to share that hard-earned knowledge with our community. My heart goes out to his family.

Will leaves behind a wife and children. He supported our community and now we have a chance to pay that back. Consider visiting the GoFundMe set up to benefit his family: Will Larson Benefit

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