Swampfox Optics News – 1X Prismatic Scope in the Works

Prismatic optics with 1X magnification are an attractive alternative to red dot sights for many shooters. These optics often feature a diopter adjustment to fine tune the focus and an etched reticle, both of which help mitigate astigmatism and other common vision problems. Prismatic optics are even being used to wring out a little bit of extra precision in competitions like the Tactical Games where a 1X optic is required.

Swampfox Optics has released some details regarding a 1X prismatic optic that they are working to bring to market. We already know many of the basic details of the optic. The reticle will apparently have a large ring with either a central dot or chevron aiming point. If it is a chevron, it will likely be larger than the one used on the Primary Arms Cyclops and the reticle will likely forgo any ranging features.

The illumination will be powered by a single CR123A battery which is located beneath the optic. This will create a fixed lower 1/3rd cowitness mounting height on an AR15 (or similar). Swampfox Optics is planning to offer it in both “shake awake” and “auto-off, push to reactivate” configurations.

Swampfox Optics Marketing Director, Mike Branson, states that one of his design objectives for the optic is to have a larger forgiving eye box. In his words, “I want eyebox, eyebox, and oh yeah more eyebox.” If this optic is to be a true red dot replacement, it will need plenty of eye box.

As of the time of this writing, there is no estimate for when this optic will be available. Details on the production optic may change before it actually makes it to market. Stay tuned for more information.

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