New from Nitecore: NU05 LE Signal Marker

Nitecore sent us details on their newest addition to the NU series of headlamps and signal markers. The NU05 LE expands on the signaling capabilities of the original NU05 and targets the law enforcement market specifically.

The NU05 LE has 5 different modes, all of which are flashing modes: white, red, blue, green, and red/blue. All the modes can be accessed from a single button. The modes output between 2 and 20 lumens depending on the color and run for 15-18 hours on a single charge. The NU05 LE is USB rechargeable and has a charge indicator that allows the user to check battery condition in the field.

The included bracket is backed with hook material to attach to loop material on a ballistic or bump helmet. It also has hooks that can help route bungee retainers for an even more secure attachment.

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