GRSC 1.1-10×30 Full Spectrum Optic

GRSC has been one of the leading proponents of the horseshoe reticle over the years, specifically their ranging version of said reticle. The GRSC reticle has been placed in a number of optics over the years and recently it seemed they were mostly unavailable until the announcement of their new 1.1-10×30 Full Spectrum Optic FSO.

The FSO has a number of features as seen in the image below. The highlights include a 35mm tube, low profile covered turrets, a detachable honeycomb sunhade, and daylight bright illumination (green only initially, with red a possibility for later), and an oversized magnification adjustment knob. It sounds like a lot of rifle scope for the $575 MSRP, especially if it can deliver truly daylight bright illumination.

The optic itself, according to GRSC, is being manufactured by the same OEM that is making the Atibal X 1-10×30. These optics are in production now with an expected delivery date in the next two months. You can keep tabs on progress and learn a lot more about the optic on

GRSC has launched a new website. Visit it at

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