Night Camo Gear from Head On Tactical

Do you like Night Camo? Of course, you do. Would like like to know about Head On Tactical’s new line of Night Camo gear? Of course, you would.

Head On Tactical has sourced a limited amount of 30D ripstop polyester Night Camo material. They are going to put it to good use by making a few limited edition pieces of gear. The item is their CQB Action Rig mod 1 pattern chest rig.

This material is not quite as durable as typical 500D or 1000D Cordura so Head On Tactical has taken steps to mitigate that. The body of the chest rig is 500D Cordura with the 30D Night Camo material stitched over it. The PALS webbing is constructed by wrapping the Night Camo material around 1000D Cordura.

Keep an eye on Head On Tactical’s Night Camo page for more details and information about future limited gear items: Head On Tactical Night Camo

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