Shadow Systems MR918

What would it cost to purchase a Glock 19 and then custom machine the slide with new serrations and to accept an RDS, stipple and undercut the frame, install a flat face trigger, and add a custom barrel? It would be a lot more than the $799 base price of the Shadow System MR918 which has all those features and more.

The MR918 is a Glock in the sense that it is a G19 sized handgun that is completely compatible with Glock parts and G19 holsters. However, there are no Glock OEM parts used in the construction of the MR918. It is a full production pistol from Shadow Systems with a surprisingly affordable base price.

The have essentially found a way to build a product handgun at a production price that already incorporates all of the most popular custom modifications.

It is available in two models: Combat and Elite. The main difference between the two is that the Elite has some additional slide machining. Both models can be upgraded to optics ready and/or suppressor ready.

You can learn more about the MR918’s features, options, pricing and availability at

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