TriggerJerk Last Minute Gift Guide

If you have waited until now to finish your Christmas shopping. I commend you. Your commitment to first rate procrastination is obvious.  However, if you aren’t careful, your procrastination could turn into consternation come Christmas morning.

The following is a short list of gift ideas from items we have reviewed. These tools and other gear represent some of my favorite things and more importantly, they are available without paying any extra for shipping.

Mini Pliers

Even if a guy already has a hundred pairs of pliers, the sight of these handy little buggers hanging out of a stocking will kick off MacGyver fantasies in any man.

The Knipex Cobras would be my pick but Tekton and Channellock both have more affordable, USA made options: Mini Pliers Comparison

Screwpop Utility Knife

These utility knives are CHEAP but handy which makes them the perfect stocking stuffer. No one can resist a tool that cuts stuff and open bottles: Screwpop Utility Knife

ESEE Avispa and Zancudo

The ESEE Avispa and Zancudo are incredible knives for the money. They both carry easily, cut aggressively, and are backed with the ESEE warranty. That is hard to beat for the price: ESEE Avispa and Zancudo

ESEE Avispa D2

Streamlight Bandit Headlamp

The cool factor on this one far outweighs it’s cost. This tiny, light weight headlamp is USB rechargeable and pumps out a wall of light. It’s like a work light your can wear on your head: Streamlight Bandit

Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition with Bracket

The Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition is a great tool to begin with but the addition of their new bracket makes it a winner for EDC and stocking stuffing: Fix It Sticks

Chapman MFG Midget Ratchet and Accessories

If you really want to impress a tool lover, this one will do it. These Chapman MFG kits are extremely well made, very useful, and they are just cool. They also happen to be pretty affordable based on the options you select: Chapman MFG Midget Ratchet

Streamlight Microstream USB

I haven’t formally reviewed this light yet but I will. It’s incredible. It’s barely larger than a AAA battery yet it boast USB recharging, a tail cap switch, a two way clip, and 250 lumen output! The regular AAA Microstream was already a favorite of mine but this new one is incredible. It will blow minds on Christmas morning: Streamlight Microstream USB

(Note: Get the Coyote colored version. It comes on in high mode first which is nice)

You can find a ton of other ideas in our series, The EDC Tool Roll. Most of them will still arrive before Christmas if you do your part.

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