Forward Controls Design MSQ-H

The new MSQ-H (MLOK Sling adapter, QD, Heavy), from Forward Controls Design will be available very, very soon. It is already listed on their site but it is not quite available to purchase.

This M-LOK compatible, QD sling swivel socket is not unlike than any other mount on the market except from one key difference – it is machined from steel with a black nitride finish. Aluminum sling adapters are generally quite durable when designed and manufactured correctly but they can wear out over time. The MSQ-H is built for those who are willing to trade a little bit of additional weight for additional durability.

According to FCD:

MSQ-H is the first of several collaborations between Forward Controls Design and Sons of Libery Gunworks. It is based on an existing product from Arson Machine. We deem there is no point in changing an already superb design just so it’d look different, so we kept the design identical, and only changed the material and coating on the MSQ-H from the original, and added a discreet Cygnus logo.

You can see the MSQ-H at

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