Sharps Bros. – New Pricing and New Hand Guards

EUGENE, OR. — Sharps Bros., a firearm design and manufacturing company, has announced price reductions to the Gen2 versions oftheir popular Hellbreaker, Warthog, The Jack and Overthrow AR15 receivers. They have also announced an expanded lineup that includes competitively priced handguards, built lower receivers, builder sets and 80% receivers.

Release highlights:

  • All receiver MSRPs have been reduced significantly:
    • Hellbreaker$269.95 MSRP (was $319.95)
    • Warthog$279.95 MSRP (was $319.95)
    • The Jack$289.95 (was $349.95)
    • Livewire$214.95 (was $259.95)
    • Overthrow$279.95 (was $310.95)
    • AR15 Upper$214.95 (was $249.95)
  • 3 new MLOK hand guard lengths have been added to the lineup (bringing total to 4 handguard SKUs).  Sharps Bros. now has 7″, 10″, 13.7″ and 15″ offerings.  These hand guards are very well made, very clean designs and are extremely price competitive.  Availability of the new lengths is expected in January.
    • 7″ MLOKHand Guard $130.95 MSRP
    • 10″MLOK Hand Guard $135.95 MSRP
    • 13.7″MLOK Hand Guard $139.95
    • 15″ MLOKHand Guard $144.95
  • Built lower receivers is currently a purchase option through Rainier Arms, and will become a purchase option through their other distribution partners in January.
  • Sharps Bros will also offer a builder set that comes with the receiver of your choice,their AR15 upper and the SBHG01 (13.7″) MLOK Hand Guard. 
  • The Jack 80% receivers are currently available through Rainier Arms. Over the nextfew months they will add Hellbreaker, Warthog and Overthrow to the 80% lineup.

Sharps Bros. AR receivers are milled from solid blocks of 7075-T6 aluminum. Advanced machining capabilities and hands-on craftsmanship ensures that every design is not only precisely detailed and visually distinctive, but superior in quality and capabilities.

In addition to a unique appearance, all Sharps Bros. receiver features include:

• Oversized integral trigger guards

• Beveled magazine flares

• A hard coat anodize finish per MIL-A-8625, the anodizing model for model for most military and aerospace products

• Full compatibility with all mil-spec internal parts

• Full compatibility with all other aftermarket mil-spec upper receivers

• Full compatibility with PMags and other standard capacity magazines

• Multi caliber mark

Gen2receivers are available now at the new pricing to consumers and FFL holders through Rainier Arms, RSR Group and Zanders Sporting Goods – all leading distributors of AR15 rifles and accessories.

About Sharps Bros.

SharpsBros. film: “Be Proud”:

Sharps Bros. founder John Sharps has always been a gun enthusiast, and in 2012 he decided to leverage his decades of manufacturing and product development experience to begin building a series of custom AR-15 lower receivers. Sharps Bros. has since evolved from a one-man business to a full-fledged firearm design and manufacturing organization, with products in three major categories: AR15, AR10 and Kalashnikov.

SharpsBros. products include The Jack, featuring a skull design; Warthog, featuring a boar’s head design; and Hellbreaker, an iconic design inspired by the P-40 Warhawk. FollowSharps Bros. on Instagram ( or Facebook ( for company news and product updates.

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