Kitfox Design Group Firearm Cookie Cutters

You could roll out the same old cookie cutters this Christmas or you could take your cookie game to the next level with the new Firearm Cookie Cutters from Kitfox Design Group. They are sold in a set of 5 which includes the following cutters:

Target: 3.5″ x 2.22″
Revolver: 3.35″ x 4.125″
Glock: 3.79″ x 5.25″
AR: 2″ x 6.25″
Krink: 2.4″ x 6.25″

Just think of the fun you’ll have when you show up to your family Christmas party with a basket full of freedom cookies. Aunt Linda from California will probably pass out and your sister’s barista boyfriend will need his weighted blanket. Maybe your family would think they were awesome. Either way, you win.

Get them here:

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