The AK Guy AKG-47 – New Production Model AK

Brandon Herrera, AKA The AK Guy, has introduced what he hopes will be the new standard in sub-$1000 basic AKMs.

From The AK Guy:

The AKG-47 is an American built 7.62×39 AKM that is purpose built to be the affordable, yet reliable AK that you’ve been looking for.

The AKG-47 starts life as a new production, virgin Romanian military grade parts kit. It’s built on a standard 1mm stamped steel receiver using Russian spec rivets, and fitted with a cold hammer forged Romanian barrel. Once completed, the rifles are Cerakoted by “We Plead the 2nd.” Rifles are then inspected for quality control purposes, and come zeroed at 200 yards.

All AKG-47’s are hand built, and every one is personally inspected/test fired by me (Brandon Herrera, the owner) to ensure you get a rifle worthy of the “AK Guy” name.

The AK Guy appears to be aggressively targeting the market space that is occupied by AKs like the WASR-10 but with more of a focus on quality and value. The AKG-47 ticks all the boxes for a starter AK, one that offers what the educated consumer is looking for at a price that suites the value conscious.

The AKG-47 is available with standard Romanian wood furniture or an upgrade to Russian Red refinished wood furniture. It will be available soon with a Magpul polymer furniture option.

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