Fix It Sticks Magnetic Patch

Fix It Sticks’ Magnetic Patch is just what it sounds like… a magnetic patch. It can be attached via hook and loop to several of the cases that Fix It Sticks offers for their tool sets or to your own case/matte/range bag if you have a loop material field.

The idea behind the patch is simple and handy. If you are working with screw driver bits and small parts, you want those parts to stay put as opposed to migrating off of whatever surface that is serving as your mobile gunsmithing bench in the middle of a carbine course/range trip/hunting excursion. The Magnetic Patch serves to hold those bits and parts while you work.

Fix It Sticks also cleverly only applied the hook material around the perimeter of the back of the patch. This creates a lip around the back of the patch so that it can serve as a small tray if that is a more convenient way for you to work.

Fix It Sticks Magnetic Patch

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