The Scalarworks Mount You’ve Been Waiting for is Coming in 6-8 Weeks

Since the introduction of the Scalarworks LDM for the Aimpoint Micro series, we’ve all been wondering when the LDM (now rebranded LEAP) mount technologies and radically skeletonized design would be applied to magnified optics. Well, the answer is about 6-8 week from the time of this posting.

Scalarworks has given us a sneak peek at their upcoming LEAP Scope Mount. The mount is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, features a cantilevered design with dual scope rings for proper eye relief on AR type rifles, weighs in at under 5.5 ounces, and has 2 Quantum QD Screws for joining the mount to the rail.

The extent of Scalarworks’ efforts to take weight out of this mount in a way that keeps it rigid and durable aren’t really evident until you see the under side of the mount (see image below). While the mount has a solid appearance, the view from the bottom reveals the large pockets of material that has been removed. Weight has also been removed with flutes on the scope rings rather than skeletonization. This approach reduces weight but retains surface area for gripping the optic.

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