Magpul PMAG 10 GL9 – Glock G17 and G19

If you lived through the 94 Assault Weapons Ban as a Glock shooter, you know that the OEM 10 round magazines are not impressive. Their stack geometry is different the regularly very reliable full capacity OEM magazines and that can sometimes lead to feeding issues. Those were dark times for those who didn’t have a stack of full capacity magazines put away.

Magpul might have an answer for those who are still limited to 10 round magazines…

The Magpul PMAG 10 GL9 – Glock G17 and G19 9×19 Parabellum are the highest performing and most reliable restricted capacity magazines on the market. They are designed to provide the same quality and performance of the proven Magpul PMAG series of Glock magazines while also providing a viable product solution to those in locations and situations where a 10-round capacity restriction is required or desired. Whether for competition use or otherwise, the PMAG 10 GL9 is the highest quality restricted capacity magazine option available.



• MAG801 compatible with all standard, compact and sub-compact 9mm Glock handguns

• MAG907 compatible with all compact and sub-compact 9mm Glock handguns

• Utilizes the same double stack feed geometry as the standard capacity PMAG GL9 to ensure feeding and to avoid known reliability issues seen in many competitor products on the market

• Compatible with Magpul GL-L Plates for competition use

PMAG 10 GL9 Glock 17

PMAG 10 GL9 Glock 19

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