Unboxing: TacPack September 2017

The September 2017 TacPack has arrived at JTT HQ. I am pretty happy with this one in terms of value and usefulness. Let’s see what’s inside.

Hopefully you are familiar with the concept of TacPack by now. If not, you can read the reviews of the previous TacPacks for some background on this subscription box.

HopticUSA Picatinny Bubble Level and Scope Dope Sticker – This is the star of the show for me. I just took the time to mount an optic as level as I possibly could on an SPR-ish AR-15 and was all set to purchase a bubble level. Then TacPack smiled upon me with this one from HopticUSA. It seems nice. It’s compact, machined from aluminum, and even has various lightening cuts machined into it to reduce the weight to a minimum. The scope dope sticker is a handy addition too.

Tactical Oatmeal Pistol Mag Carrier – This kydex double stack handgun magazine carrier is solid. It won’t win any awards for fit and finish as the edges are basically just deburred but not really cleaned up beyond that. It uses a basic plastic belt clip which is a functional choice for something like this since it allows OWB or IWB carry. I don’t care for this type of clip on holsters but it works well on a mag carrier. This is a useful addition.

MGM Switch View Eagle Eye – I’ve tried a few universal “cat tails” before but this one is easily the most svelte. I’ll admit that I am a little dubious as to whether it will hold up but if it does, it will be a killer product. It should fit a wide variety of optics.

Eagle Grit Hand Cleaner – This stuff is actually pretty neat. It takes all kinds of stuff off your hands – gun oil, hydraulic oil, grease, and whatever else you weirdos manage to get into. It’s just a hand cleaner but it works and I can definitely put it to use around the JTT Compound.

If you want to try TacPack, you can check them out at TacPack.com. TacPack hints that the October box will contain something springy, something sticky, and something sharp.. So, maybe it’s some Halloween candy with razor blades hidden in it or something better.

Disclosure: I receive TacPacks, free of charge, for review.

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