Velocity System Placard Chest Rig Adapters

No one has done more for the concept of plate carrier attachable chest rigs and placards than Velocity Systems (and Mayflower R&C). They created the industry standard system whereby chest rigs and plate carriers could be designed to work with each other. Then, they evolved placard from the chest rig to create a lower profile load bearing option for those who didn’t need the chest rig straps.

Now, they have added another layer of functionality to the concept with the introduction of their Placard Chest Rig Adapters. These adapters allow the user to mount a placard and use it as a stand alone chest rig. The placard mounts to the front of the adapter in much the same way it attaches to a plate carrier. It’s quick and easy to mount and dismount.

The Placard Chest Rig Adapters are in available at Velocity Systems.

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