TRAC AR15 Mag Carrier from Henry Holsters

TRAC stands for Total Retention Adjustable Carrier and it is sure to appeal to the control freak in all of us. Henry Holsters designed this new carrier with 4 adjustment points (2 on each side) so that the wearer can precisely adjust the carrier for the exact retention level they prefer. They still managed to keep the mag carrier compact in spite of the 4 adjustment screws.

The TRAC AR15 Mag Carrier can be worn on the right or left side with no modification and it can accept any and all AR-15 magazines oriented either way. This means it is completely ambidextrous whether you like PMAGS oriented bullets forward, ARC mags oriented bullets back, or any other combination.

It can be configured at the point of purchase with a Tek-Lok or a paddle. The hole spacing allows for the use of a variety of belt hardware so the user can choose hardware to suit their needs.

Check out the TRAC AR15 Magazine Carrier at Henry Holsters.

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