Faxon Firearms SLIM Muzzle Devices

Faxon Firearms is offering a new line of muzzle devices that are slim enough to pass a gas block and barrel nut over. This is useful in applications where the muzzle device will be permanently attached so that the user can change components like hand guards or rails if desired. They are not the first company to create muzzle devices like this but with their barrel making expertise, they have taken the concept to the next level.

The SLIM line of muzzle devices will be available with the hard work of pinning and welding to permanently attach them to the barrel already done for you. Faxon already has a number of options loaded on their website that include two different muzzle device options (SLIM Flash Hider and SLIM 3 Port Brake) and two different 14.5″ barrel profile options (Pencil and GUNNER).

Faxon Firearms, incessant innovators in the firearms industry, is pleased to announce the release of two new SLIM muzzle devices, a 3-port muzzle brake and a tri-prong flash hider. The new SLIM devices are machined to a .620” outer diameter, making them the perfect companion for pencil, GUNNER, and similar barrel profiles. SLIM muzzle devices are manufactured from gun-barrel quality steel and QPQ Nitride coated for durability and longevity.

When installed, the SLIM series muzzle devices match the threaded shoulder, maintaining the thin profile of the host barrel. Further, they allow the user to mount and remove the gas block without having to remove the muzzle device, allowing shooters to reconfigure their rifles without having to visit a gunsmith.

Initially the SLIM devices will be offered as permanently welded muzzle devices attached to 14.5” Pencil and GUNNER profile barrels. Both the brake and flash hider will be available on both profiles.

“We listened to our customers. With Faxon offering the lightest pencil profile barrels in the industry, our customers asked for companion muzzle devices,” said Nathanial Schueth, Director of Sales & Product Management, “Instead of offering standard devices, we sought to improve upon and offer the lightest steel devices possible. The SLIM devices are the perfect complement to the Pencil and GUNNER profiles and the added modularity allows customers to modify their 16” legal firearms without a gunsmith.”

Retail for the muzzle devices is set at $59.99, including the mounting/timing kit. Retail for the SLIM equipped barrels is between $249 for GUNNER profiles and $259 for pencil profiles. The first SLIM equipped barrels with brakes have shipped to dealers including Right to Bear, Brownells, AIM Surplus, and others. SLIM flash hider equipped barrels will be shipping mid Q1 with the individual muzzle devices being offered as stand-alone products as soon as possible

These barrel and muzzle device combos give you, as a builder, options that have never been this easy to access. Check out the SLIM Muzzle Device and Barrel combos at FaxonFirearms.com.

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