Customize a TOPS Knives HOG 4.5

The TOPS Knives HOG 4.5 is one of the best all-around field knives that TOPS makes. What if you could choose your own handle color, choose your own sheath design, add cool features like fire steels or pouches, and support a veterans charity when you bought one? That would make a great knife even better.


That is exactly what Red Hill Sheaths and TOPS Knives have set out to do. You can order a HOG 4.5 through Red Hill Sheaths and choose all the above options. You are basically starting with a bare blade with TOPS Knives great looking Black River Wash finish as your blank canvas! Red Hill Sheaths will then fit the knife with the handles you choose, custom form your sheath, provide any of the add-ons that you choose, and then donate $10 to Hope for the Warriors for each knife sold.

Visit Red Hill Sheaths to learn more.


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