Head On Tactical Bike Bags

I love cycling – especially dirt road cycling and I am blessed to have access to endless miles of dirt roads where I live. One thing I have learned is that it behooves you to have everything you need to fix your bike and limp your bike home when you are deep into a forestry road, miles from cell phone reception. In fact, you may even want to have some survival essentials with you to ensure you can get through a night in the back country.

Quality bike bags that can be attached in the right places are the difference between your bike feeling like a stubborn pack mule or like the lively adventure machine that you rolled out of the bike shop. I should also note that bike bags take an absolute beating so they need to be rugged in addition to well designed.


Head On Tactical has begun to offer a line of bike bags on a custom basis. The bags may eventually become part of their regular offerings. When constructing their bike bags, they take the same bomb-proof approach as they do with their tactical gear. They have already made everything from top tube bags, to frame triangle bags, to under seat bags. Some combination of those bags plus your hydration pack should provide more than enough space to venture safely into the wilds.

If you are interested in having Head On Tactical build you some bike bags, you will have to contact them directly. They are a full custom shop and experienced in tailoring their designs to your requirements. Check out Head On Tactical.

head-on-tactical-bike-bag-top-tube-2 head-on-tactical-bike-bag-frame-pack head-on-tactical-bike-bag-saddle

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