Hogue Inc. EX-T01 Tomahawk

Hogue Inc. has been steadily growing their line of cutting tools. The EX-T01 Tomahawk is one of the newest additions to this line.


The Allen Elishewitz designed EX-T01 is ground from S-7 tool steel which is extremely impact resistant. The head has been radically skeletonized to reduce the overall weight of the tool and give it a light and fast feel in the hand. The hammer poll can be used as an impact tool or it can accept a variety accessories including spikes and pry tools.

The grip gurus at Hogue Inc. have become wizards with G-10 and it shows in the handle scales of the EX-T01. The shape of the handle encourages the user to grip it in a variety of ways whether gripping high for fine control or moving lower for maximum swinging power. The slabs encompass a full length partial tang and terminate in a well shaped hook to keep the tomahawk from sliding from the user’s hand.


The sheath retains the tomahawk in two ways: magnets and with a latch. The EX-T01 snaps into the sheath readily thanks to strong magnets and then the user can engage a latch that retains the tomahawk via the skeletonization void in the tomahawk’s head.

Check out the EX-T01 at Hogue Inc.

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