Rebellion Holsters Works Thyrm Cell Vault Sheath

The Cell Vault from Thyrm is a water-proof tube that is designed to hold batteries. It’s unique design is very slim and has a lid that incorporates a long clip that allows it to attach to PALS webbing.

rebellion holster works thyrm cell vault sheath

Rebellion Holster Works has a different idea for how a water-proof container with these specific features could be utilized. They are prototyping a method of attaching the Cell Vault to a knife sheath for use as water-proof storage for survival items – especially items that must be kept dry like fire starting materials. The slim design of the Cell Vault will fit within the footprint of most sheaths and the long clip serves as a useful method for attaching to the sheath.

You can check out Rebellion Holster Works on Facebook.

rebellion holster works thyrm cell vault sheath detail

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