The Little Things: Forward Controls Design EMR

How do you set yourself apart from your competition? Pay attention to the little things. I am fascinated by the small details that designers build into their products. Often, these features are so subtle that you may never notice them in an overt way but they are there none the less, improving functionality and setting apart one product from another.

That is the case with the Forward Controls Design EMR (Enhanced Magazine Release). You may try one and feel the concave shape or the functional surface texture. These improvements over the stock magazine release button are more overt but you may never notice the smallest detail built into the EMR – its height as it relates to the magazine release fence built into most AR-15 lower receivers.

forward controls design emr details

The EMR (top) and EMR-C (bottom) are designed with the magazine button fence in mind.

From Forward Controls Design:

Attention to detail is no small thing to us. When designing the EMR (Enhanced Magazine Release) or EMR-C (Enhanced Magazine Release-Competition), we paid attention to height over mag release fence. Consider this: only 0.06″ to 0.07″ of mag release travel is required to drop a magazine. When the mag release button protrudes over the mag release fence by 0.08″ or more, it’s possible to drop the mag under circumstances for which the mag release fence was designed.

Thus, while the EMR-C is easier to access due to its height, we only recommend it for sporting ARs, not defense and duty AR15s and M16s. For defense and duty AR15s and M16s, choose the EMR, which has no unintended mag drop risks.


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