Slick Custom MSPC from Perroz Designs

Perroz Designs’ Minimalist Slick Plate Carrier (MSPC) is already very trim but how do you take that slick, concealability to the next level? You replace the usual 500D Cordura nylon material with stretchy, durable, form-fitting  Tweave Durastretch 520E.

Perroz Designs custom tweave MSPC

Simply swapping a material may seem like a small change, but it has interesting downstream effects on how the carrier performs. This particular tweave is a very durable 4-way stretch fabric made up of 91% nylon and 9% Lycra Spandex. This stretch allows a very tight fit with no gathering/bunching over the plates and a very close fit to the wearer, both of which are desirable in low-profile plate carrier. It’s probably as close as you can get to just duct taping a plate to your chest.

The carrier shown here is a custom version of the Perroz Designs MSPC. If you would like to order something similar, you can contact Perroz Designs directly. They currently have Black, Coyote Brown and Ranger Green Tweave in stock.

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