Magpul Vet Ranch T-Shirts

You probably know of Demolition Ranch, a popular gun related YouTube Channel. Chances are you, you’ve seen Matt (the host) doing crazy stuff with shotguns, showing off home-made firearm inventions, being stalked by a creepy lisping manikin named Cooter, and just generally having fun with guns. But did you also know that Matt is a veterinarian and part of another Youtube Channel/organization called Vet Ranch?

magpul vetranch

Vet Ranch is a non-profit organization that provides veterinary care to homeless animals in need. You can check out their website for details. Their work is funded by completely by donations. You can give directly to them at their site or Magpul has stepped up to give you another option. They are offering two new Vet Ranch t-shirts and will donate a portion of the proceeds from sales to Vet Ranch.

Check out the Vet Ranch shirts at Magpul.

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