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The rules state that all gun guys must wear gun t-shirts. Just go to the range if you want to see what I mean. If you find yourself woefully short on cool guy t-shirts, you could do a lot worse than the new MODERN BUDŌ shirt from Breach Bang Clear.

It’s pretty slick and you want one.

The Modern Samurai from Anachrobellum

For Immediate Release

Anachrobellum LLC

29 March 16 Broken Arrow, OK
Knife Hand the World is nine kinds of chuffed to let everyone know the Modern Budō (“Tactical Samurai”) design is in full production after the initial test run sold out in just a couple of days. The Samurai shirt, a part of the Anachrobellum lineup with the support of Breach-Bang-Clear, has proven to be the fastest selling one to date (including even the various versions of American Jedi).

The design is currently available only in black, in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL.

Why the Samurai? Of all the warrior archetypes in the world, none is perhaps more recognizable than that of the Samurai. The word Samurai is derived at least in part from the word saburau, which means “to serve.” That’s fitting enough, particularly in the modern context and even more so with regard to how we regard the warrior ethos. There’s nothing wrong with a little ego in a fighting man, quite the contrary — but if that ego is not subordinated to some sense of the greater good (serving your country, serving your community, sticking up for those weaker than you), well, then…you’re probably just an asshole and you don’t deserve to wear this shirt anyway.

This particular Samurai is carrying some things MInamoto Tametomo and Miyamoto Musashi wouldn’t recognize — Mk17, PEQ15, OSS Suppressor, S&S Precision Manta strobe and the like — but they’d understand the philosophy behind it.

“In China there was once a man who liked pictures of dragons, and his clothing and furnishings were all designed accordingly. His deep affection for dragons was brought to the attention of the dragon god, and one day a real dragon appeared before his window. It is said that he died of fright. He was probably a man who always spoke big words but acted differently when facing the real thing.” (Yamamoto Tsunetomo, c. 1700)

Pick one up at or find them on Instagram, @anachrobellum. Check out the Modern Viking version, and watch for our homage to Roger’s Rangers coming very soon.



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