Whiskey Two Four Universal Padded Harness

Whiskey Two Four continues to grow their modular Low Profile Panel chest rig line. The line of laser cut Hylalon chest rigs allows the user to purchase the panel or panels that fit their needs and then add a harness. This way any of the components may be mixed and matches as necessary. Previously, only a simple webbing H-harness was available but now WTF has made a padded harness available.


The new Universal Padded Harness comes with everything you need to mount it to any of the available panels. It is constructed from Cordura nylon with a spacer mesh backing. The front and back portions of the harness have PALS webbing for attaching other gear. Strap management wraps are built in so you can secure any loose ends. The harness also features cleaver sleeves for the front SRBs to protect and silence them.

All of the panels that this harness works with are also compatible with the industry standard Velocity Systems/Mayflower R&C SwiftClip system for mounting on a plate carrier. That means that this harness may be adaptable to a great number of chest rigs on the market.

Check out the Universal Padded Harness at Whiskey Two Four.



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