SLR Rifleworks TA33 Mount News

The SLR Rifleworks TA33 mount is now available. This mount is unique in the small world of TA33 mounts in that it is lightweight (.7 oz), not QD, and places the optic are the correct height for the TA33’s internal BDC and your cheekweld.

The TA33 optic housing has gone though a slight change in the dimensions of the base recently. The currently available version of this mount is designed to fit the older 1.5″ bases perfectly. SLR Rifleworks will be releasing a slightly longer version of the mount for newer TA33s with longer bases (1.69″). The 1.5″ mount (currently available) will work with all TA33s but it will be very slightly shorter than the base of the new TA33s.

See the previous post regarding this mount for more information.

SLR Rifleworks TA-33 Mount

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