Battle Arms Development VERT Stock System Pre-Order

The VERT Stock System from Battle Arms Development is now available to pre-order. This PDW stock has all the clever features you expect from Battle Arms Development (BAD).

Battle Arms Development Vert Stock

The cheek rest is interchangeable to allow the user to change the look of the stock. Separate cheek rests will be available later. The cheek rest is mounted to the rear, sliding component of the stock and cantilevers forward so that it overlaps the buffer tube when extended. This creates what BAD calls a Continue Cheek Rest and is an improvement over most of the stocks of this type.

The VERT Stock System is machined from aluminum and S7 tool steel yet it weighs only 19.5 ounces. That is impressive considering that the weight includes the entire stock assembly along with the buffer and springs.

It has 4 locking positions and locks in both directions. It also features 2 integral, anti-rotation QD sling mounting points. It’s fully collapsed length is 4.75″ and fully extended it measures 8.75″.

Check out the VERT Stock System at Battle Arms Development.

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