Gunsmith Ready Glock Slides from SI

Until now, if you wanted to have a gunsmith like ATEi work their magic on your Glock, you had to send them your slide or an aftermarket slide that already had some cuts like front slide serrations and angled front ends. Saurez International is changing that with their introduction of their Gunsmith Ready Slides.


These 416 stainless steel slides are a blank canvas for your Glock whisperer of choice to work on. They basically only have sight cuts. There are no markings or serrations so that all of these items can be spec’ed by the customer.

I could even see gunsmiths stocking something like this so that the customer doesn’t have to send in a slide. These are initially available for the Glock 19 with other models coming at a later date. Check out Gunsmith Ready Slides from Saurez International.

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