UW Gear Mini Swampfox Chest Rig

UW Gear has released a new version of the Swampfox chest rig. The Mini Swampfox will only be available for AR-15 magazines. It carries the same four magazines that the regular Swampfox carries but it has two double magazine pouches instead of four single magazine pouches. The result is a split front chest rig that is very compact.


In addition to the magazines pouches, the Mini Swampfox features a 2 x 3 PALS grid to the outside of each magazine pouch so the user can add compact IFAK pouches, GP pouches, or additional magazine pouches. It has the same great H harness that is found on all of UW Gear’s rigs.

Speaking of the harness… UW Gear is also now offering horizontal PALS webbing as an option on their harnesses. This can be ordered on any of their chest rigs. The standard harness has vertical webbing which is useful for rigging small backpacks or hydration carriers to the chest rig. The new horizontal option will allow users to attach small pouches or radios more easily.

The Mini Swampfox is not listed on the UW Gear site. It is being offered on a trial basis for now. To order, simply place an order for a regular Swampfox and mention in the order notes that you want the Mini version or send an email references your order. The horizontal PALS webbing option on the harness can be ordered the same way.


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