Z-Medica Products Now Available on Rally Point Tactical’s GSA Advantage 84 Schedule

Z-Medica and Rally Point Tactical are partnering to put Z-Medica products on RPT’s GSA Advantage 84 Schedule. The Quikclot Combat Gauze LE and Quickclot Moulage Trainer Gauze are now available.

From Rally Point Tactical:

combat gause le

QuikClot Combat Gauze® LE is a 3-inch x 4-yard strip of z-folded soft, white, nonwoven, hydrophilic gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inorganic mineral that is both safe and effective in accelerating the body’s natural clotting cascade without any exothermic reactions or use of animal or human proteins. QuikClot Combat Gauze® LE, Item #350, is packaged in an easy-tear pouch, contains an X-ray detectable strip for easy identification and has five year expiration.

combat gauze trainer

QuikClot Combat Gauze Moulage Trainer is for simulated training only. This product replicates the QuikClot Combat Gauze.

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