Suarez International Flat and Straight Glock Trigger

I like flat triggers. I first started using them back with 1911s. Then I tried Geissele Automatic’s Super Dynamic trigger bow and fell in love. Now that generally shoot Glock handguns, I have been on the look out for a flat trigger to install in my Glocks. While they did exist, they generally cost more than I was willing to spend on them until I ran across the Suarez International Flat and Straight Glock Trigger.


The benefits of straight triggers are two-fold. First, they usually increased the trigger reach a touch which helps ensure that I am using the correct part of my finger to pull the trigger. Second, they give the trigger a more consistent feel because no matter where the pad of your finger contacts the trigger face, it feels the same. This also means that you can place your finger lower on the trigger to apply more leverage, making the trigger feel lighter.

Saurez International’s Flat and Straight Glock Trigger has a steel trigger bar like the stock part but it is polished to smooth the trigger pull. The trigger and trigger safety are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and hard anodized to a dark black color. The trigger safety is wider than the stock trigger safety to ensure positive disengagement.

The Flat and Straight Trigger is available for Gen 1-4 9mm/.40SW/.357SIG/.45ACP/10MM Glocks and for the Glock 36/42/43. It is available separately or as part of a complete and tuned trigger system. Check out the Flat and Straight Glock Trigger at Suarez International.


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