Blue Force Gear Mag NOW!

Blue Force Gear’s new Mag NOW! may look like a typical open top magazine shingle at first glance but it is chock-full of BFG technology.


The body of the pouch is made from BFG’s proprietary ULTRAcomp material and has a MOLLEminus matrix so that other MOLLE compatible pouches can be stacked onto it. This makes Mag NOW! very thin and very lightweight. The MOLLEminus front panel is backed with color matched 500D nylon which provides a continuous camo pattern or color to conceal the magazines that would otherwise show through the voids in the MOLLEminus matrix.

BFG has also introduced a new molded rubber pull tab. The tab is large and easy to grab, even with gloved hands. It is designed to sit in the same place on the magazines consistently so that you are ever groping for them or having to figure out which way is best to pull it off of the magazine.

Check out the new Mag NOW! at Blue Force Gear.


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