Review: Perroz Designs LPSPC

The Low Profile Slick Plate Carrier (LPSPC) from Perroz Designs is exactly what you would think from its name. It’s a plate carrier that designed to be low-profile and slick – meaning that it isn’t covered with PALS webbing from top to bottom. You shouldn’t let that “slick” moniker or the lack of PALS webbing fool you into thinking the LPSPC lacks modularity. The fact is, this plate carrier (PC) scales up from slick to jocked up in no time flat.

Perroz Designs LPSPC


The structure of the LPSPC is made mostly from 3 materials. The fronts of the plate pockets are constructed from 500D Cordura Nylon. The backs of the plate pockets – the parts that contact the wearer – are made from spacer mesh. The shoulder straps and cummerbund are made from Hypalon which is part of the secret to the success of this design.

The LPSPC features a compact design that really hugs standard 10″x12″ plates. The Hypalon shoulder straps are easily adjusted via hook and loop. The front plate pockets features a small admin pocket on the upper front, tons of loop Velcro surface to ID, patches, and securing items like chest rigs or placards. The front also features vertically mounted QASM buckles so that compatible chest rigs may be mounted.

Perroz Designs LPSPC Back Pocket

The rear plate pocket is available in the user’s choice of configurations. It can be ordered completely slick, with a large area of loop Velcro, or covered with PALS webbing. Depending on your use for the LPSPC, you may actually want to order multiple rear plate pockets.

The cummerbund features elastic sections on both sides to provide some stretch and is closed via Velcro. My version of the LPSPC has a solid Hypalon cummerbund but the current version ships with a skeletonized cummerbund that is MOLLE compatible, saves weight, and increases breathability.

Removable shoulder pads are available but I found that the LPSPC carries quite well without them. If you are planning on carrying more than a few mags on it for more than a few hours, you will want the shoulder pads though.

The price of the LPSPC varies based on the options that you choose.

Perroz Designs LPSPC Strap Detail

Observations from Use

This style of plate carrier is among the most practical for a regular guy like me. I don’t have to wear armor all day. It mostly only comes out in training environments where it is required. I also keep it because it seems prudent to have some armor for uncertain times. This carrier allows me to keep it slick and low profile when it is prudent to do so and still scale it up easily to meet the demands of keeping a carbine running during a training course.

Perroz Designs makes good use of Hypalon in the PC. The shoulder straps are very thin thanks to their buckle-less, Hypalon construction. The cummerbund is also quite thin due to its Hypalon construction. The shoulder straps and cummerbund, especially where it meets the plate pocket, are often some of the bulkiest parts of a PC so the use of a thin, durable material really mitigates some issues common to low profile, “concealment” carriers.

The shoulder straps are one of my favorite features of this PC. They are thin and comfortable. The Velcro closure allows them to be adjusted without buckles. I can even adjust them while I am wearing the PC which is nice when the clothing beneath your PC has to change with the temperature.

Perroz Designs sized the plate pockets for standard 10×12 SAPI plates. It fits the plates like a glove. There is no movement whatsoever of the plates in the plate pockets. In fact, you will have to work a bit to close the plate pockets over some 10×12 plates because they fit so well.

Perroz Designs LPSPC Detail

For a slick carrier, there is really a lot going on these plate pockets. The front plate pocket has removable QASM buckles which is the key to adding compatible chest rigs. It also has a very functional admin slip pocket which, like most of them, can be tricky to access since it is so tight but makes a great place to store pens and such in its internal elastic loops. The One-Wrap rolls that are sewn into the sides of the plate pocket are perfect for routing wires or hydration tubes.

The front plate pocket has two large areas of loop Velcro. The upper one can be used for patches and ID while the lower one plays a major role in how the LPSPC can be scaled up from slick to load bearing. It can be used to help secure compatible chest rigs or you can stick Velcro backed magazine carriers to it which is what I did for most of my testing. A Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Dapper makes a thin, lightweight way to stow three AR-15 magazines or a couple of mags and a tourniquet. Perroz Designs thoughtfully covered the ends of the cummerbund with loop Velcro so it doesn’t interrupt the loop surface when using pouches like this.

Perroz Designs LPSPC Backing

The spacer mesh on the back of the plate pockets provides a small amount of cushioning from the plates but not much. Such is the case with most plate carriers of this size. It certainly feels cooler against your body than PCs that are lined with Cordura nylon.

If you want to be able to use the LPSPC with chest rigs like those from Mayflower R&C, EGL, or HSP, I suggest that you order the MOLLE back panel. It doesn’t add much bulk and will make it much easier to anchor the sides of your chest rig with SwiftClips or similar.

There have been zero concerns with durability through several months of use on the range. It has seen snow, mud, dust, dirt, and all other manner of conditions that you face on a rustic outdoor range. The workmanship is very, very clean and Perroz Designs is so concerned about the details, that they actually covered the hook Velcro surfaces of my plate carrier with masking tape so it would catch and pull the other materials during transit. That is attention to detail.

Perroz Designs LPSPC with Ten Speed Perroz Designs LPSPC with Mayflower

Wrap Up

This carrier uses modern materials to great effect. The choice of Hypalon for the shoulder straps and cummerbund is perfect and really reduces bulk. The workmanship is very clean and I expect that this carrier will last a long time.

If you are a regular guy like me who sees the need to own armor but only needs it in limited roles, you will find that this is a very practical set up due to its ability to go from low profile to load bearing by simply clicking in a chest rig. It can likely be used for anything the regular guy might need.

Check out the LPSPC at Perroz Designs.

Disclosure: The LPSPC was provided to me by Perroz Designs for review, free of charge.

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