RE Factor Tactical Delta Trauma Kit

RE Factor Tactical’s new Delta Trauma Kit is individual first aid pouch that is designed to be compact and accessible. It has a sleeve and pull-out tray design. The sleeve is mounted to the user’s belt where it contains and protects the pull-out tray. The tray can be quickly removed from the sleeve by pulling the grab handle with either hand.


The sleeve portion of the kit allows the user to mount a tourniquet via elastic straps and a set of trauma shears in a sleeve on the back. It also features a loop Velcro panel for adding medic tabs to indicate the pouch’s contents.

The tray is designed to hold life saving items like hemostatic gauze, chest seals, airways, control wraps, gauze, decompression needles, and more. It also features a vinyl window that can be used to store reference material or a 9 line MEDEVAC.

The Delta Trauma Kit is available as a pouch or complete with contents. Check it out at RE Factor Tactical.

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