IWC 1913 Offset SMC Light Mount

The SMC MOUNT-N-SLOT is one of my all time favorite pieces of gear from IWC. It was and is the ideal light mount for Magpul’s MOE Hand Guards. In it, you can see the seeds of ideas that would later become the HSP/IWC Thorntail mounts.

IWC SMC Light Mount

Now IWC has created a new twist on the SMC by creating an offset 1913 rail that attaches via the same threaded holes that accept the flashlight ring. The addition of the 1913 rail means that in the SMC MOUNT-N-SLOT now works with Surefire’s 300 and 600 series lights, a variety of tactical lights with the modular flashlight rings, and now pistol lights and INFORCE’s excellent WML. That is some serious versatility.

Look for the new 1913 Offset SMC MOUNT-N-SLOT at Impact Weapons Components soon. Remember to use the code “triggerjerk” at checkout to save 5%.


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