Armageddon Gear Micro GP Pouch

The new Armageddon Gear Micro GP Pouch is now available. This MOLLE compatible, compact, general-purpose pouch is 5″ wide, 6″ tall, and just 1″ thick. It has elastic loop organization inside to keep your small items from shifting.


I like to keep a small GP pouch on my MOLLE belt, especially for training. It allows me to keep things I need to ensure I get the most out of the training day like a small pen, Sharpie, note pad, tools, and similar items. This looks like it would be ideal for such applications thanks to it’s thin profile. It could provide some admin storage without getting in the way like the typical GP pouches I use now which are thicker and do not provide organization loops.

This looks like a very handy pouch. Check out the Armageddon Gear Micro GP Pouch.

IMG_0196-Micro-GP-Pouch-850x850 IMG_0195-Micro-GP-Pouch-850x850

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