BFG Trauma Kit NOW! Upgrade

You really have to keep an eye on Blue Force Gear (BFG). They quietly improve and revise their gear all the time. They often don’t even make a big deal about it! That is the case with the Trauma Kit NOW! (TKN!) which has seen some unheralded upgrades in recent months.


The TKN! is a trauma kit that was designed to hold the entire contents of the Army IFAK. It has a unique pouch and insert design. The pouch is tapered and fixed to the users gear so that a tug on the top flap deploys the entire contents of the IFAK laid out in organized fashion on a transportable tray.

The new TKN! is more durable than ever thanks to the use of BFG’s proprietary ULTRAcomp material for the insert. The top flap has an improved pull tab that always holds its shape and has dimension so it is easier for the user to grasp when deploying the TKN!. It also has laser cut slots on the top flap for adding a small MOLLE pouch or tourniquet. The laser cut medical cross indicator reveals a bright red cross which the user can mute by inserting a black backer if they wish to reduce the visibility of bright colors.

The TKN! still makes use of BFG’s Helium Whisper backing to attach to any MOLLE compatible surface.

Trauma-KIT-WF-AG-600x400 Trauma-Kit-RedCross-600x400

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